Genetic Screening (NexCCS)

At RMA, we know that preimplantation genetic screening/diagnosis (PGS/PGD) can give hopeful parents unparalleled peace of mind. When paired with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) it further ensures that only the healthiest embryos are implanted.

Why Choose Genetic Screening

Why Choose Genetic Screening

What is NexCCS?

What is NexCCS?
More Accurate than Ever Before

Greater than 98% accuracy1

Detects Subtle Abnormalities

Ability to detect more subtle abnormalities in embryos, such as mosaicism and segmental abnormalities2

High Delivery Rate

69% delivery rate in a large-scale clinical trial3

Single Embryo Transfer

Greatly increases the effectiveness of Single Embryo Transfer (SET) for a healthier pregnancy

NexCCS with Single Embryo Transfer

NexCCS with Single Embryo Transfer

Purpose of Testing

What to Expect

What to Expect

Interpreting Results

Once the NexCCS report comes in, the doctor will notify the patient to review the results.

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